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Crytek: it’s “impossible” for next-gen consoles to match PCs

Crytek founder Cevat Yerli has stated that it is impossible for PS4 and Xbox 720 to match the clout of gaming PCs in a new interview. He also confirmed that he is currently under NDA at both Sony and Microsoft on both of their incoming next-gen consoles.

Despite his non-disclosure agreements, Yerli told Eurogamer that these new console rigs simply can’t compete with high-spec gaming PCs.

“Without breaking NDAs that are in place,” Yerli cautioned, “realistically, from purely a price point perspective, it is impossible. It’s impossible to package $2000-3000 into a mainstream, let’s say $500 console.

“I’m not saying they are $500 consoles. They may launch a console at $2000, but the consumer pricing is usually much lower than that. So, given consumer pricing, and given the cost of production of a gamer PC and the amount of watt of power it needs, which is like a fridge, it’s impossible.”

Crytek has recently spoken out about next-gen launch titles, stating that they won’t look as good as current high-spec PC games.

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Que se vayan a tomar por culo estos de Crytek que despues nos meten mierda ports lineales igualmente...
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(02-19-2013 12:54 PM)Oxyg3n escribió: [ -> ]Solo comento para que veáis mi foto nueva, lol.

Pues te la quito!!!

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