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» M1x17 - 18-06-16:29 -- Just wanted to shout out that I love this server. With real good people and nice admins. Shoutout to Amalio and Avalanche! <3 #tbagmastery
» kcuestag - 16-06-23:27 -- He got his VIP added. I was out for a few days so couldnt do it. XD
» Avalanche-swe - 09-06-16:41 -- Hey guys! A friend of mine payed vip some days ago but havent got it activated, just in case he forgot to write his nick in the payment it is: M1x17
» kcuestag - 15-05-12:13 -- I see you did it already, added your VIP again! Smile
» Avalanche-swe - 14-05-14:12 -- Emergency! Mu vip spot is gone, can i get payment instructions again? (how much and to what paypal acc)
» BudGie1979uk - 12-05-19:19 -- hey guys, thought i would share this with you from my stream last night, great round playing against you guys as always - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQFb4UbKNwg
» Fran-T4NK - 02-04-15:59 -- Punkbuster is not an admin is a anticheat software xD
» MAN1312 - 02-04-12:32 -- ok is there someone i can speak to about admin abuse !
» MAN1312 - 01-04-21:39 -- Anyone here called Punkbuster, or know why I keep getting kick from the BF4 server by them ?
» Avalanche-swe - 09-03-19:20 -- Its back, u scared me!
» Avalanche-swe - 09-03-17:52 -- PANIC!! Were is your server? Its gone from my favorites and doesent show up in server browser!
» kcuestag - 07-03-00:48 -- No worries mate, we just lost the old VIP list so we had to re-add everyone manually! Smile
» Avalanche-swe - 06-03-16:18 -- Just wanted to thank for you giving me vip again, shows that you are honorable people! Will likley pay for vip again when it expires!
» Avalanche-swe - 20-02-16:52 -- Nice! But i paid for 3 months of VIP and you closed server after one month, would be nice to get remaining VIP-months now that it is back up...
» kcuestag - 18-02-20:39 -- BF4 server is back! Smile
» WelcomeToMegaton - 16-01-10:42 -- Oh man I would be so happy. I've been looking for a decent server since yours gone, but couldn't find any. Next month I think I could donate 10 euro. It's not much, but maybe enough for something.
» kcuestag - 15-01-15:33 -- I still have all the plugin settings and everything to start it up, we would only need the money! Tongue
» WelcomeToMegaton - 15-01-13:25 -- How about restarting the good old BF4 oaks server? Wink Miss those good tbag wars...
» kcuestag - 08-01-12:15 -- Nothing yet, DICE is hurting the BF communities badly. Hopefully they implement stuff like admin tools and VIP slots on February's patch... shame, game might be dead by then for us.
» WelcomeToMegaton - 05-01-17:54 -- Hello luvs. Any news? Does DICE still fucking around? Love you hijos de puta Wink
» Avalanche-swe - 17-12-19:20 -- Ok. Damn DICE is hurting the community with this crap, they need to wake the fu*k up...
» kcuestag - 17-12-12:57 -- We rented a server for 1-day, just to test it. We are still waiting for DICE to implement (at least) Reserved Slots amongst many other functionalities, hoping they do it before end of the year...
» Avalanche-swe - 15-12-09:07 -- Hey i saw on your twitter that you were testing your BF1 server. I searched server list for "oaks" but found no server?
» Avalanche-swe - 21-11-15:38 -- Ok
» kcuestag - 19-11-21:43 -- We are waiting for DICE to implement admin tools and VIP Slots, otherwise it is a waste of money to rent a server with no admin rights or even reserved/VIP slots... Hopefully within a week or two at most.
» Avalanche-swe - 15-11-16:43 -- So when are you going to get that BF1 server running? I miss tbagging tuso and amalio...
» darQrad - 14-09-09:27 -- Admins happens to be in both teams, so its about balance, not winning. And if you insult... you know what you get Big Grin
» jacques_branle - 09-09-22:55 -- but only noob admin use nuke to win
» jacques_branle - 09-09-22:54 -- and then they ban me because I insult them
» jacques_branle - 09-09-22:54 -- they take B then keep it
» jacques_branle - 09-09-22:54 -- And then, of course, they win
» jacques_branle - 09-09-22:54 -- Why your admin use nuke to win? It happend tonight on the metro map. We were all on A and then he nuke everyone
» jacques_branle - 09-09-22:53 -- hello
» ATEO-21 - 13-07-17:10 -- Hola kcuestag,soy pakete ATEO21...podrias explicarme mejor como hacerme vip?
» kcuestag - 12-07-15:05 -- Otro cheto cazado (minuto 0:25): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUSMIIVAEnE
» kcuestag - 01-07-10:43 -- Thank you for reporting it, banning him right now. Smile
» ShogunOfSorrow - 30-06-22:42 -- Hola guys =) Found a cheater on your server: https://youtu.be/axEmql-mFhw http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/user/Banderashtat/
» tatschke - 29-06-20:04 -- kevin desbaneame
» darQrad - 16-06-08:35 -- http://imgur.com/a/pZNyh
» kcuestag - 28-11-13:50 -- Nueva IP del Team Speak 3:
» kcuestag - 12-10-21:02 -- Septuple kill @ Metro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIIoSsIX_Xk
» destroyer - 12-09-13:04 -- yo ahora te comentoBig Grin gracias por todo
» kcuestag - 12-09-11:44 -- En una hora o dos como mucho debería estar ya listo, y lo tendréis de vuelta en vuestros Favoritos, vamos a probar a ver qué tal le va a la gente.
» kcuestag - 12-09-11:44 -- Que el único proveedor que hay en España para BF4 es muy malo, con caídas y lags cada dos por tres... Así que si queremos un servidor de calidad toca pasar por otro sitio.
» destroyer - 12-09-02:04 -- kuestag*
» destroyer - 12-09-02:04 -- que a sucedido kuesteng
» kcuestag - 12-09-01:53 -- Debido a las continuas caídas del proveedor Español, se va a probar a alojar el servidor en Alemania con un proveedor decente. Habrá subida de ping respecto a españa, pero notaréis mayor fluidez y muchas menos caídas.. Pronto lo tendréis de nuevo en vuestros favoritos, será automático.
» destroyer - 03-09-23:35 -- en un rato entro yo
» piupiu - 31-08-21:17 -- ya he entrado jjj
» piupiu - 31-08-21:03 -- hola estoy intentando entrar en el server pero no hay manera y en el ts tampoco tengo permisos, hay algun admin? gracias

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